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African American Wedding Invitations 

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Set the stage for your perfect African American Wedding with African American Wedding Invitations. We know you are proud of your African American heritage and what better way to show your pride than to have an elegant custom printed African American Wedding Invitation

Invitations below are a small sample of our selection of African American Wedding Invitations.

A Tender Moment

A cut-away bridal couple accents this soft white folder with gold and black foil
African American Wedding Invitation - A Tender Moment
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Childhood Bride & Groom

This invitation captures a moment of youthful bliss with a translucent overlay and bright white base card.
African American Wedding Invitaiton Childhood Bride and Groom
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Childhood Bride and Groom

Our Beginning

This African American bridal couple prepares to jump the broom. Historically the broom was symbolic of "sweeping away past ancestral feuds" to declare a new beginning at African weddings.
African American Wedding Invitation - Our Beginning
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Sharing the Moment

A full color pencil sketch of this bride and groom adorns the front of this square ecru card.
  African American Wedding Invitations - Sharing the Moment
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Sharing the Momeht